Revolution Travel Management is an entirely non-profit travel & lodging brokerage. Our Committee volunteers are not paid for their service of coordinating travel & lodging for liberty events. They do it because they believe in the cause. Travelers pay the EXACT amount per person for each vehicle and for fuel. There is no trick to this. Revolution Travel Management contracts with various car rental agencies through the nation, including Avis, Budget and others. We are able to reserve bulk amounts of vehicles at the lowest rate possible. We divide the total cost of the vehicle, including the rent fee, insurance and tax, by the number of passengers on the vehicle. We then calculate the cost of fuel for the route. Starting from the original departure city, we determine the total mileage to Tampa and back. We divide that by the miles per gallon of the vehicle (15mpg). After computing the amount of gallons of fuel required, we multiply that number by $5 per gallon. We take that total cost of fuel and divide it by the number of passengers per vehicle on the route. Approximately one week prior to the driver’s departure date, we transfer the fuel funds to him directly. He then holds complete responsibility for paying for the fuel for the Ronvoy from that point forward. Note: Some routes may encounter toll fees. Travelers are asked to share in the responsibility of paying these fees throughout travel. Where possible, RTM has coordinated routes avoiding tolls as much as possible, while reasonably coordinating a route that is the most direct route to Tampa. *Yes, we know fuel isn’t $5 per gallon EVERYWHERE, but in the major cities it is getting close – we don’t want to cut ANY vehicle short of fuel. Any minute amount of fuel money that may be left over is given to the driver who picked up the vehicle, for his dedicated service to the cause of liberty, at the end of the trip.

The vehicles hold 12 or 15 people each. We sell the spots to twelve or fifteen people per vehicle per route. Once all the spots on a particular vehicle have been sold on a route, we pay for the vehicle directly from the Revolution Travel Management account with traveler funds. Ronvoy vehicles are driven by volunteer drivers who are also paid travelers on the route. Revolution Travel Management transfers the TOTAL amount of money required for fuel for the entire route to the driver in advance of the departure date. The driver agrees to be responsible for picking up the vehicle at the correct time and to travel the route as required to pick up all travelers who have been assigned to his or her vehicle. The driver communicates with his Ronvoy route coordinator (the volunteer who is organizing the passengers into vehicles for that route) during the entire process to ensure timely and safe transportation to Tampa.

Ronvoy drivers are REQUIRED to commit to transporting Delegates and Alternates to the Convention Center during the week of the RNC. Drivers and Passengers may generally agree to other transportation needs in the city, but ALL drivers commit to being available for the duration of the RNC for Delegate/Alternate transportation.

Driver Information: Qualified Drivers are required for every Ronvoy route vehicle. A qualified driver will be at least 25 years of age, with a valid drivers license. If ticket purchaser will be a driver and is qualified, please indicate so on registration form when paying for ticket. Drivers are responsible for ensuring timely and safe travel for all passengers. Revolution Travel Management does not require a DMV check, however the vehicle companies we contract through may do so at vehicle pick-up. Drivers are responsible for communicating with the Ronvoy coordinator with any unanticipated changes throughout travel.

Traveler Information: Drivers will be provided with all confirmed and paid traveler’s contact information. Driver information will be provided to all travelers on August 1, 2012. It is the traveler’s responsibility to contact the driver directly with any questions or concerns regarding travel. It is the traveler’s sole responsibility to arrive at the departure location on time to the departure location. Travelers are encouraged to arrive at least thirty minutes early for departure. Travelers are expected to communicate with the driver on issues regarding schedule. Drivers will be in contact with travelers to confirm departure location and estimated arrival time. There are NO REFUNDS for being late/missing the departure of the Ronvoy. It is ABSOLUTELY in the best interest of the traveler to be in contact with your driver regularly. Unless route is cancelled due to low participation, all sales are FINAL.