A Simple Guide on Bak Kwa Recipes


For explicit people, it is quite easy to throw a bag of their Bak Kwa in a gym bag or stash a few in their work desk drawer. After all, it serves as a lifesaver meat snack when on your daily endeavors. The best Bak Kwa Singapore is packed with umami, with a perfect blend of smoky char that’s succulent, sweet and savory.


You can deem it is an excellent way to add a source of animal-based protein to your favorite dishes. But to enjoy the best Bak Kwa Singapore, you need to have top recipe ideas in mind to quickly make for breakfast, lunch salad or dinner! Below are some of the most notable recipe ideas worth trying.


In the Southeast Asian culture, Congee also known as Chinese rice porridge, is often eaten for breakfast, dinner, and sometimes as a midnight snack. Most people eat it when under weather and when they crave for something warm for the tummy. And one of the best congee toppings you should consider opting for is, well, you’ve guessed it, Bak Kwa.


You can consider opting for an award-winning spicy Candled Bacon that comes in handy to be added to a salad for a little boost of protein. Not to mention, most hotels include a Bacon snack’s smoky, spicy and slight sweetness that complements nachos, corn and lettuce beautifully. That ensures you enjoy the best Bak Kwa Singapore without spending way more than planned.


You can also consider making a snack sandwich when you want to enjoy the best Bak Kwa Singapore. Replace nitrite-filled deli harm or luncheon meat with lower sodium antibiotic and hormones free pork or turkey snack. You’ll definitely fall in love with some smoky Gouda Cheese with a slice of baguette. You can even decide to add some avocado perfectly poached egg to your sandwich too.


You can never run out of the most remarkable ways to snack with Bak Kwa for breakfast, lunch salad, or dinner. If you lack all the time in the world to make one, then you can leverage companies that manufacture a wide range of barbecued meat or more commonly known as ‘Bak Kwa’ and floss products in Singapore. One such company that’s worth your attention is the renowned New Peng Hiang.


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