A Simple Guide on Google TrustRank


People only do business with whom they like, now and most importantly trust and the guys behind the Google search engine understand this very clearly. Actually, Google’s number priority has always been to provide the searcher with the best possible user experience ever.


If a website doesn’t have a good enough trust signal, Google will not want to present a site to its users in the search engine results pages. Google normally wants to offer its users a top experience by displaying trustworthy websites so that the users can keep coming back to the search engine. Read on to learn more about Google TrustRank and how it affects the trustworthiness of a given website.


Domain age does not only refer to how old your domain name is but it also refers to how many years it will possibly live. If your domain name has been registered for the next two or more years, then that tells Google that you’re going to stick around for a while compared to someone to someone who is registered for one year. Domain age is the most convenient way of showing Google that you’re committed to what you have created.


If you also get a lot of mention on external sites, the search engines will automatically think that you’re well known and therefore trusted thus attracting high-quality links. Furthermore, if your site already has trust issues like spammy content it’s an automatic low Trust-rank for you. But Google bots can also be able to trace links from spammy sites that link to your site.


Google like to see some consistency. You shouldn’t post today, go away for a few month, come back to post another blog post and then expect to be ranked on the top by Google or continue building a relationship of trust. You need to keep publishing new posts and updating old ones regularly. Also provide sitemaps to give the search bots access to all pages you want to be indexed on your site.


If your website is hosted on public address that is also used by many other websites, there are high chances of some of the sites on the IP being involved in shady online affairs. Shared IP or shared hosting can certainly harm your site’s reputation. That’s why unique IP and hosting are the best option for SEO. Even if you don’t have enough money to pay to dedicated service, you should at least try to go with a web host that is trustworthy. And remember toevaluate your website for core ranking signals to fix issues before they unravel.

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