A Simple Guide on Using Facial Recognition Systems in Your Workplace


The pandemic has pushed everyone all over the technology tipping point. Workplaces have become evert more dependent on digital solutions particular contactless ones. So, as people try to reduce the number of contact points in buildings and physical touching, biometric security technologies will become increasingly used.


Contactless facial recognition system is a safe solution that offers businesses major advantages, particularly in terms of security, sanitation, and efficiency. This software can detect differences between even very similar looking people. There are algorithms trained to detect features of people’s faces. Therefore, here are top reasons to use facial recognition systems in your workplace.


Improved security is one of the most significant benefits of Singapore facial recognition systems, which can be used as a part of multi-factor authentication system. For instance, most email accounts use an MFA system. Biometric authentication can also be used as part of an MFA system. As biometric facial recognition cannot be duplicated or copied, the most vital benefit is preventing unauthorised personnel from entering the building.


Facial recognition system in Singapore records the faces of everyone who has to access, and the software can recognize employees who have the correct permissions. This is particular important if your business handles sensitive information or your building requires restricted access to creation areas. After all, the healthcare sector is reliant on this tech toauthenticate hospital visitors by using healthcare ID systems.


Knowing exactly where an employee or visitor is located in your building is complex. This is particular difficult in a large building multiple areas. But the ability to track people is a key security feature. On large business sites, both employees and visitors are likely to explore their surroundings and potentially get lost.


Facial recognition software helps to identify if anyone is in an area they shouldn’t be and adds on another layer of security to the building. It can also help track the movement of visitors and automatically records their timestamps when they enter and exit the premises. Moreover, facial scans will allow security monitor any unauthorised entry in the building.


Digitalisation is not a trend; the whole world is heading in that direction. At its heart, digitalization is all about automating processes, using smart software, and using data to apply advanced technologies. Introducing new tech involving facial recognitionin the workplace is one way of making employees feel safer.

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