All You Need to Know About the Strawberry Moon


If you are an individual who loves examining the moon, chances are you already know about the strawberry moon which is upon us.  Although it may seem to be a big round strawberry, the strawberry moon is quite different from what most people may be thinking. In this post, we are going to have a look at everything you need to know about the strawberry moon and when to expect it.

Why the Name Strawberry Moon?

Am sure you are already wondering why the name Strawberry moon. However, you should not get so overwhelmed since the strawberry moon is not exactly what you are thinking. Actually, the name has its roots in North America from the Algonquin tribes of Native Americans.Since the full moon was the key sign for them to start harvesting wild strawberries, they saw it as a good name.

Strawberry moon is not the only name for this type of moon. There are other dissimilar names depending with where you are coming from. For instance, in Europe, it is commonly referred to as the Full Rose Moon, Mead Moon or Honey Moon. In the Southern hemisphere, it has been given the name Oak Moon, Long Night Moon or Cold Moon.

The Best Time to Catch a Glimpse of Strawberry Moon

Any person who would like the chance to catch a glimpse of this moon should wait when there is a full moon. One such moon was experienced on June 17 2019, appearing“opposite” the sun at 4:31 AM EDT.NASA’s Gordon Johnston said the strawberry moon will appear full for close to three days at around this time as from Saturday night through Tuesday morning.You will, therefore, have enough time to catch this beautiful experience.

When Will the Next Full Moon Occur?

After the Strawberry Moon, you should expect to see the next full moon on July 16. This moon commonly known as the Buck Moon will cover the night skies as the seventh moon of this year. You should, therefore, keep an eye on the skies to make sure you do not miss the Buck Moon.

How Will the Strawberry Moon Appear?

The moon’s orbit around the Earth is almost in the same plane as that of the Earth’s orbit around the sun.  Whenever the sun appears as if it is situated highest in the sky near the summer solstice,the full moon opposite the sun will be situated lowest in the sky.  People living in Europe always have the best view since the full moon near the summer solstice shuns through more atmosphere than any other time of the year.

As from June 17 2019, you should expect to see the Strawberry Moon for the next three days. Keep your eyes on the sky to make sure you do not miss this moon as it has quite a spectacular view. Actually, taking photos of the Strawberry Moon would be quite appealing as it is beautiful to the eye.