Can You Really Treat Parkinson’s Disease?


Assuming that you have the valuable chance to investigate Parkinson’s infection, you might already know that it is a central nervous system disorder in which the region of the brain controlling movement deteriorates. This neural deterioration leads to decreased dopamine levels, the brain chemical responsible for controlling coordinated movement.


You might be already asking yourself how this is even possible in the first place. In a nutshell, dopamine plays a vital role in a variety of mental and physical functions. Some of the most notable ones include voluntary movement, cognition, memory, mood, and general behavior.


At the moment, there is known cure for Parkinson’s disease, and it’s not fully understood what causes the dip in dopamine. But there are a few remarkable ways to prevent Parkinson’s disease. Read on to uncover more!


Pesticides and herbicides are leading culprits in causing Parkinson’s disease. Researchers have found high levels of pesticides or herbicides in the brains of Parkinson’s disease sufferers, compared to those with regular dopamine levels. No wonder you should consider going organic to increase the chance of preventing this disease.


But while taking this route is generally a safer bet than conventional, there are still some pesticides and herbicides farmers can use legally on their crops while hanging onto that organic label. This explains why knowing the origin of your food is way more important than ever before.


The numerous antioxidant properties of green tea are widely known, and the benefits of this tasty drink seem to be boundless. They include anti-inflammatory, nutrient-dense, reduces risk of cancer, increases ability to burn fat and improves brain function. Several studies have shown that the certain compounds present in green tea boast myriad protective benefits on the neutral network of the brain.


Furthermore, it has shown to sustain dopamine levels in ailing brain tissue, reducing the severity of Parkinson’s disease symptoms for those already diagnosed. When shopping for green tea, be sure to choose a higher quality brand. After all, some of the lower quality brands contain excessive fluoride levels, which has been shown to have degenerative effects on brain functions.


Other things that you can do to prevent Parkinson’s disease include regular aerobic exercise, incorporating Omega-3 fatty acids in your diet, and eating fresh, raw vegetables. The most essential thing we can do for our long-term health both physical and cognitive is to reduce the stress in our bodies.


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