How to Be Successful When Working as a DP Operator


Most energy companies seem to have stopped many offshore projects, where DP operators were needed due to the global oil crisis. For this reason, finding a vacancy in this time and age has become complicated, despite the expanding gas carrier market. But you may feel it is the ideal time to take up a DPO certificate for a new qualification.


While there is nothing wrong with taking this approach, there are still rigs out there which need supplies and maintenance. In a nutshell, DP operators are certified to operate vessels which use a dynamic position system. Actually, this keeps the vessel’s position at a point against currents and waves.


To become a DP operator, you need training certificates and practical training. In most cases, you’ll spend 120 days operating a DP vessel. Depending on your working position, further certificates such as the Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET) might be required.


Bear in mind the first step is to sign up for DP induction training, which is a basic course aimed at the likes of deck officers and engine officers working toward an STCW certificate of competency (COC/CEC). Once you commence the classes, you have four years in which to obtain the unlimited DPO certificate.


After obtaining the DPO certificate, you will need to gain practical knowledge by working for 60 sea time days on DP vessel. You must be hired as a Junior dynamic positioning officer (JDPO) operating in a low-risk area. This practical experience grants you the required knowledge in theory and praxis.


Once you gain this experience, you’re qualified to partake in the advanced DP course. The course takes place over approximately four days and requires and investment of approximately $2000. An optional course can be included, one week’s STR as it lowers the necessary sea time by 30 days.


After passing the DP advanced simulator course, you need to serve 180 days of sea time as a watch-keeping trainee. The number of days can be reduced by booking special training. The number of days can be reduced by booking special training. The minimum requirement is 60 days.


The above are some of the things you should do before you finally get to become a Dynamic Positioning Operator with an unlimited certificate. Ensure you take up the DPO certificate from a reputable institution before taking this career path.


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