How to Book a Space in the Upcoming Birla Alokya Residential Villament


Birla Alokya has emerged as one of the most widely sought after residential villament at the moment. Situated in Whitefield, Soukya Road, Bangalore, this residential project by Birla Estates has left many people yearning for the launch date. However, to get yourself a space in this one of a kind residential villament you will have to submit your booking quite early. To make sure you are not left behind, here is a guide on how to book a space in the upcoming Birla Alokya Whitefield residential villament.

  • Fill the Enquiry Form

If you are looking forward to living in Birla Alokya residential villament, then you must start by filling an enquiry form. To get the enquiry form, you can simply visit the official website of Homz N Space as they are working closely with the builders, Birla Estates. After filling and submitting the form, a representative will get back to you in order to find out more about your requirements.  Furthermore, the representative will also share with you more information about Birla Alokya Bangalore residential villament. Some of the information that you are set to get include payment schedule, floor plans, latest availability to mention a few.

  • Professional Assistance

Once you are satisfied with every piece of information concerning Birla Alokya residential villament, the dealer will schedule a site visit. To make it even better, they will help you in choosing a unit that is in line with your requirements.If you still need further assistance, then the dealer is willing to take you through every step involved in the booking formalities. This action will ensure you get the best deals from the developer thus saving on cost that you would otherwise have incurred had you decided to go solo.

  • Booking Formalities

After the site visit, you will have to fill the legal documents in order to book a unit. This should not give you sleepless nights since you are going to get professional guidance when filling the forms. You must however remember to bring along important documents such as cheque book, copy of PAN card, passport sized photo and an ID proof. With these documents in place, you can book a unit without encountering any problems.

  • Booking Confirmation

Finally, you will receive an email confirmation concerning the booking from the builder (Birla Estates).  The confirmation email is then followed up with an allotment letter.  Once everything is in place, the CRM team will keep you informed about the project status and property registrations. It is highly advisable that you be in contact with the CRM team if you are to know what is taking place.

Booking a unit in the upcoming Birla Alokya residential is not as hard as some people may think. All you have to do is follow the above guide and before you know it, you will be having your own unit.  This action will go a long way in making sure you get a residential villament of your dreams.