How to Choose the Perfect Non-Surgical Men’s Hair Systems


Hair replacement systems are the perfect solution for bringing a positive change in your life while at the same time boosting your confidence levels. Initially, you could only make use of wigs or hair transplant in order to deal with hair loss. With the introduction of hair systems, things are now taking a different direction since both men and women are now investing in men’s hair systems. However, the choice of hair system can end up making or breaking your personality. So be sure to choose the best hair systems if you are to have a fascinating experience. Here are some of the factors you need to consider when looking for the perfect non-surgical hair system.

  • Type of Hair

Before doing going any further, you need to determine the type of hair you need to use in your hair systems. Are you into generic or custom hair systems? If you find generic hair systems appealing, then you should go for chemically treated human hair. Most dealers tend to source human hair from India, Europe and China. Generally, European hair is delicate and soft meaning you can design it efficiently without addressing heavy chemicals.  On the other hand, Chinese hair is thick when compared to India hair.

  • Size

Apart from the type of hair, you should also measure the size since oversized hair replacement systems look very odd. A smaller hair system is also not going to help you with anything considering it cannot cover the scalp perfectly. Once you find the right size, you will have to examine the contours of the scalp. Keep in mind, we all have different dissimilar head contour and hence you ought to meet the individual differences. The perfect option would be to make moulds that give a perfect idea of the size and shape. This can only be pulled off successfully by a trained professional.

  • Durability

In order to get the most out of a hair system, you will have to purchase it from a renowned dealer. A good dealer ensures all their hair pieces for sale are of good color, quality and texture. If you are looking for such a dealer, then you should consider paying a visit to Hollywood Lace. Thanks to Lace hair systems, you are not only going to get the highest quality there is but also cut on costs. In fact, only a handful of Toupees manufactures can be able to match the price put in place by Hollywood Lace.

The Bottom Line

As is quite evident, the type of hair system you decide to go with will entirely depend on your taste and preference. So do not expect to get the best hair systems by simply sending your cap-size measurement or choosing a color ring. Instead, you will first have to get in touch with hair experts who can take you through the entire process of choosing a hair system that works best for you.