How to Lower Motorcycle Insurance


If you’re like most motorcycle riders, your passion is your bike. But that doesn’t mean you want to spend a fortune to insure it. Luckily, inexpensive motorcycle insurance is available even if you prefer to hit the road with additional coverage. After all, many motorcycle insurance companies offer discounts and incentives to help you get cheap motorcycle insurance.

The secret to inexpensive motorcycle insurance lies in taking advantage of available discounts and choosing the right coverages to protect you and your bike. Below are several ways to lower your motorcycle insurance and still ride with peace of mind.

Complete a Motorcycle Safety Course

Whether you’re a new rider or boast years of experience, many insurance companies will offer savings on your policy for completing a motorcycle safety program. Take it upon yourself to check with your state’s department of motor vehicle for a list of approved safety courses. You can then enroll for one of these courses to help ensure you enjoy money-saving benefits on your motorcycle insurance plan.

Customize Your Coverages

Make it the norm to choose only the motorcycle insurance coverages and limits you need. In the event that you have paid your bike off, worth less than a few thousand dollars, or you ride a cheaper scooter or moped, it may not be worth paying for physical damages coverages. If you pass on motorcycle collision coverage or motorcycle comprehensive coverage, always ensure you can afford the cost of repairing or replacing your motorbike if it sustains damage in an accident.

Raise Your Deductible

You stand a better chance of saving on your motorcycle insurance by increasing your comprehensive and collision coverage deductible. Bear in mind increasing your deductible assumes you’re willing to pay more out of pocket if you have to file a claim with the insurance company.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous approaches you can take when you want to save on your motorcycle insurance place. It all narrows down to factoring in what work perfectly for you. Whatever the case, you should always remember to get and compare multiple insurance quotes.

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