How to Shop for a New Sofa Like the Pros


A sofa is a significant furniture investment you may live with for decades. For this reason, you should spend some extra time doing your homework before paying a visit to your nearest sofa Singapore store. Style preferences are a personal matter, but when choosing a high-quality sofa, there are objective criteria you can use to ensure you’re getting a good sofa.


That’s why you should consider how you’ll use it, the space it will be in, and the room’s style. This simple guide can help you tell apart good quality from shoddy construction to consider before purchasing.


Always ensure the size of the sofa you buy doesn’t overpower the room or impede the flow of traffic. That’s why it is imperative for you to measure the entire space, especially the wall against which you will place it before shopping. Use this as the opportune time to measure the height, width, and diagonal opening of all doorways in your house too.


Also, factor in the style of your space before making this all-important purchase decision for your home. Sofas come in many styles, such as contemporary, mid-century modern, Victorian, and Scandinavian, to mention a few. Spend the extra time to narrow down your sofa options to match your style.


Make it the norm to pick a size that best serves your plans for your sofa. This could be entertaining, reading, relaxing, whatever. The sofas should be comfortable for all members of your family, and you should get a couch large enough to seat everyone in your household without feeling the pinch.


The best way to go about this is by considering a sofa or pair your couch with easy chairs or additional seating if your entertain often. As a rule of thumb, the sofa should be about 2/3 the size of the wall it’s going to be against it. Actually, it shouldn’t fill the entire wall, and it should have space on each side.


Buying a sofa like the pros doesn’t have to be stressful as some homeowners make it sound. By taking it upon yourself to do a bit of research, be rest assured it won’t take long before you finally find the ideal sofa for your home. So, what are you waiting for in your quest to find the best sofa in Singapore without breaking the bank?

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