How to Tell You Have Diabetes


Diabetes isn’t a sickness that will just come about overnight as it takes time before showcasing some symptoms. Diabetes occurs as a result of your body failing to break down glucose into energy. This may be due to your body’s inability to generate enough insulin needed for glucose metabolism or production of insulin which does not work effectively.


The risk of developing diabetes is very high at the moment since most people are living an unhealthy lifestyle. But containing this disease is becoming easy day by day due to new discoveries being made in the health sector. There are two types of Diabetes i.e. Type 1 Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes.


Type 1 Diabetes occurs as a result of your body’s inability to maintain the normal blood glucose levels. This is brought about by the destruction of insulin producing cells in your Pancreas hence making it difficult to control the levels of glucose. However, Type 1 Diabetes can be controlled by getting regular insulin injections which boost your body’s insulin levels.


This type of diabetes is commonly experienced by middle aged or older people. However, with the change of lifestyle, it has now become a common phenomenal in younger people especially those who are overweight. Although many people having type 2 diabetes require medical attention to control the blood sugar levels, it can still be kept at bay by eating a healthy diet and exercising on a regular basis.


It is still possible to live a normal life even when having diabetes. Initially, people feared getting diabetes since it was considered a killer disease but thanks to new innovations and improved technology it is now taken as any other medical issue.


Ensure that you watch your health carefully for any changes related to diabetes such as increase in thirst, a sudden loss or increase in weight, overall body weakness, blurred vision and urinating more frequently. This can be achieved by having regular checkups which will detect the diabetes during early stages. Remember that you should be prepared for anything whenever you visit a doctor in order to avoid the stress that comes with having diabetes.


Diabetic patients can still live a long and happy life by monitoring their insulin and diet properly. Be sure to strictly follow your doctor’s advice and any visit schedule to get the best out of Diabetes medications.





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