Important Considerations When Buying Fish Oil Supplement


Including Omega-3 supplements in your diet is a step in the right direction when you want to improve your overall health. While no one is against supplementation, which one should you buy. Now more than ever, there are a wide range of products that promise to offer numerous health benefits.

Whereas some are up to the task, others are fakes. Buying a fake fish oil Singapore only adds to your woes since it could lead to numerous health complications. No wonder caution is of the essence with this purchase decision. Here are important factors to consider before spending your hard-earned money at a fish oil Singapore supplement store.

Currently, there is no consensus among experts regarding the ideal omega-3 recommended daily amount. But for your fish oil Singapore supplement to be beneficial, always ensure to contains decent amounts of EPA and DHA. Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy to figure out, considering many supplements hide this information in the small print of their labels or website.

Either way, you should never be fooled into buying a fish oil Singapore supplement for the sheer sake. A reputable health food shop should have a best-selling, 1,000 mg capsule that contains 300 mg of EPA and DHA combined. Anything other than this should raise alarm.

Did you take a fish oil supplement in Singapore only to spend the entire day burping it up? If so, this is the clearest signs that the fish oil has oxidized and turned rancid. Certain types of fats; like fish oil are easily prone to oxidation.

That’s why you should always make it the norm to buy fresh fish oil supplements only. Ask your prospective fish oil Singapore supplement dealer about the manufacturer and expiry date before spending your hard-earned cash. Be wary of dealers who are not ready to openly disclose this information to you.

Who said cheaper is always better? And costly doesn’t ideally make a product more expensive? Take it upon yourself to understand what value for money means before including fish oil supplementation in your diet. Due to the high levels of EPA and DHA in fish oil supplements, they’ll not only be better for your wellbeing, but they are also good for your wallet. So, don’t be taken aback by low prices.

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