Notable Application of Tech in Healthcare


Many people have had to adjust to life in the new normal since the Covid-pandemic began a couple of years ago. At this time, there are numerous challenges that the healthcare staff face on a daily basis.  Actually, it’s hard to imagine and humbling to think about the reality for caregivers in a Covid-challenged world.


But thanks to the potential of healthtech, the healthcare delivery systems can respond to the toughest challenges with the help of technology. In this simple guide, we will see how HealthTech has disrupted healthcare industry in Singapore. Below are top areas where clinical information and communication tech disruptions will make a permanent impact.


Like remote working, the technological capabilities for telehealth existed before the pandemic. However, it took a change in patient, provider and prayer behavior, driven by new Covid-19-related constraints such as lockdowns and social distancing measures, to create this change. For this reason, telehealth growth has skyrocketed.


Taking a close look at Singapore innovation hub, you’ll notice that telehealth brought the conversation around equity and access to care into focus, opening opportunities for greater inclusion of vulnerable populations. No wonder it is here to stay, and now providers’ patients, legislators and players should collectively decide how to optimize its use.


For progressive improvements in healthcare system, tech must have the ability to integrate with other devices. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Actually, closed systems slow down providers from upgrading their infrastructure and hold them back from accessing innovations in adjacent areas from other vendors.


Considering hospital IT purchases are among the largest capital and multiyear operational expenses incurred. Be sure to consider the entire IT ecosystem to ensure future capabilities can be delivered seamlessly tomorrow.


The above are merely some of the key technology disruptions in healthcare that will stick post-pandemic.  Either way, different players in the healthcare sector are doing everything it takes to help solve the issue. In fact, key players like IHiS are trying their level best to help change the scope of Singapore’s healthtech industry for the better.


And there is no sign of slowing down any time soon if the numerous things they continue doing are anything to go with. You can click here to better understand what makes IHiS a force to reckon with in Singapore’s healthcare.


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