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10 Facts About IceTre You Didn’t Know Icetre has made your playlist. You like what you hear and you like what you see and you don’t feel bad about it. He has gained massive recognition since the release of his third studio album 28 late last year with catchy singles like “House Party” and “Trophy.” Here is everything you need to know about the multi-talented artist we love to love: Icetre!

  1. He loves video games. Some of his favorite games are Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Call of Duty, and more.
  2. He is right handed.
  3. He loves chopped & screwed Hip Hop Music.
  4. Some of his earlier work is recorded via cassette tape.
  5. His first car was an Oldsmobile.
  6. DJ IceTre is the moniker he originally used.
  7. He is the first Idaho rapper to be signed with a major record label.
  8. His full name is Tre Floyd Tademy
  9. His zodiac sign is a Pisces
  10. Fellow rapper and collaborator, Miscellaneous, is his older cousin.

More Fun Rapper Facts About IceTre

  • He has been producing with FL Studio since 2007.
  • He has released over 10 mixtapes including over 7+ unofficial albums.
  • He currently uses 3 iPhones.
  • Some of his favorite foods include pasta, pizza, and pretzels.
  • He has a dislike for heights…yikes!!
  • He was born on a leap year.
  • He has made over 700 songs since the age of 14.


  • He has received notable praise for his collaboration work with Mike Zombie (OVO Sound),Vinny Chase (Epic Records), & Kato On The Track (Funk Volume)
  • He is signed to his own label, Blazington Music Group, EMPIRE, and Universal Music Group. His label itself is jointly placed under the subsidiary, Universal Music Publishing Group.
  • He has three solo albums: Pisces Gold (2014), Pisces Gold 2.0 (2017), and 28 (2019). He also has an EP called Jupiter (from 2019).
  • The single “House Party” was originally released in 2017 but is also included on his 2019 album 28.

Some More Fun Facts!

  • His album Frozen initially was recorded on cassette tape and was eventually pressed onto CD-R.
  • He prefers Coca-Cola over Pepsi.
  • Some of his favorite fashion brands are A Bathing Ape, Nike, and more.
  • His favorite movie is Inception
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