Shoes and What They Mean to Your Health


When you wake up in the morning, what is the first part of your outfit that you think about? More than likely, your shoes are not your primary concern; however, your choice in shoes might deserve a lot more consideration than you think. The shoes that you choose to wear every day might actually be causing major effects on your health.

Work Shoes

Probably the type of shoe that we wear the most, everyday work shoes are a major part of each wardrobe. In her article regarding everyday women’s shoes, Gretchen Voss describes a study on women who wear heels every day. She explains that those who wear heels daily see negative results in both their calf muscles and Achilles’ tendons. This is a direct result of the stress that a heel places on the muscles of the leg, particularly when worn in a continuous cycle of workdays. This study is indicative of the fact that the shoes that we choose to wear to work will undoubtedly have an effect on not only our feet but our overall well-being.

Outdoor Shoes

While not typically as frequently worn as work shoes, the shoes that we choose to wear during outdoor activities can have just as much of an effect on our health. This effect is because, while we wear work shoes for longer periods of time, the activities that we complete while wearing outdoor shoes are typically more strenuous. A Backpack Editors article cites the most important elements of hiking boots to include comfort, stability, durability, and water resistance. Failure to ensure that your boots meet these qualifications can result in not only a lack of comfort but a serious injury as well.

Sporting Shoes

Possibly the type of shoe with the most possibility for negative health effects is the type that we wear when playing sports. Whether it be for basketball, volleyball, or running, the type of shoe we are wearing can make or break not only our performance but our health as well. Because of the importance that sporting shoes carry, purchasing an excellent pair of designer sneakers is often necessary. In an article consulted with and approved by the Australian Podiatry Association, the Better Health Channel states that, if your shoes are not designed for the type of activity you are doing, your chances of injury are greatly increased. By investing in the proper shoes for your feet as well as the type of sport you’re completing, you’re actually making an investment in the future of your personal health and well-being.

Make the Right Choice for You

Because the type of shoe that you wear has such an intense overall effect on your health, choosing your shoes wisely is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. The fit, cut, and overall style of your shoes produces lasting effects that go far beyond how they look. By making careful choices for each of your everyday work shoes, outdoor shoes, and sporting shoes, you ensure that your health stays intact for as long as possible.

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