Things to Consider Before Working with a DP & Ship Handling Training Centre


On account of reading this, you might already know that the DPO certificate is issued way after a demonstration of the training undergone by the trainees is offered to him. This DPO certification together with the remarks shared by the chief of DP operations is then forwarded to the Nautical Institute.


Now that you have insights into what you will be dealing with, it is ideal that you find the right DP & Ship handling training centre to leverage. To help make this easy for you, below are a few things to remember while searching around.


Not all institutions offering DPO certificate have the accreditation required. Such institutions operate illegally, with some using this as the opportune time to dupe people off their hard-earned money. No wonder you should always factor this in before taking up the DPO certificate at any DP & Ship handling training centre.


Actually, only take the DPO certificate from an accredited and recognized training center by the Nautical Institute. Anything other than this should cause panic. After all, you risk losing money to scammers under you watch.


The courses on offer by the prospective DP & Ship Handling training centre are also worth considering. Reputable training centers offer an array of maritime courses other than the DPO certificate for trainees to choose. Some of the most notable courses to expect include DP Induction, DP Simulator, Revalidation Without Sea-time, and Sea Time Reduction, to mention a few.


We can never skimp on the reputation when searching for the ideal place to take your DPO certificate in Singapore. The best approach to this lies in examining testimonials and online reviews to see what other students say about the training centre. Does the majority of them speak ill of the institution?


If so, you should take it a red flag and look elsewhere. The best DP & Ship Handling training centre will always boast numerous positive reviews from previous and current trainees. A good example of such a training centre in Singapore is the renowned Sea Maritime Services.


Their DP Training in Singapore, such as the Dynamic Positioning simulator training course, is just one of their maritime safety and performance improvement services. Get in touch with Sea Maritime Services today to better understand what they have to offer the maritime industry.


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