Things To Look For When Buying A Portable Toilet


Portable toilets are not all built the same, so knowing how they operate, their features and their benefits in certain situations will help you make an informeddecision. You need to have a very good understanding of the way in which you can plan to use your portable toilet so that you can match the benefits and features.

Withso many portable camping toilets on the market, it’s very easy to get confused with all the options. While many of them offer similar functions, there are always some differences that you need to consider. The buying decision has to be about your purpose for buying the toilet. To help you out, here’s a list of best portable toilet features to watch out for.

OverallWeight And Size

Getting the right dimensions is very important especially if you have a tight space to fit it in to or limited storage areas. It’s also significant you think about who is going to use the toilet. If it’s for adults only, the portable toilet with the greatest height would be the best especially if they are tall. The gender of the users can also make a difference.

It’s a fact that men stand up and use the toilet, so if it’s really low to the ground, there could be a splash back. If you have shorter adults, perhaps you might get a portable toilet that is closer to the ground. So, be very careful when checking dimensions and if not sure it’s always best to check with the manufacturer.


The last thing that anyone should want is a smelly toilet or one that leaks. All of the portable camping toilets should have strong valves that can close off the toilet from the waste tank whenever it’s not in use. Some of them have double seals in this area.

This assists with keeping odours away and stops the waste products from escaping. Its recommendable you buy portable toilets that don’t have valves to separate the tanks. Deodorisers can also come in handy to help keep the smell away.

Final thoughts

All of the above features are important factors to consider the next time you choose to visit a portable toilet Singapore dealer. Every situation is different and requires a different process to ensure you purchase the right toilet for you.  So, do your homework before making the necessary payments.