Things You Should Do When Visiting a Sofa Store in Singapore


For many homeowners, buying a sofa is the cause of decision fatigue. While there is some truth to this, it doesn’t always have to be the case. A visit to your desired sofa Singapore storeshould always be a remarkable experience. But this can only happen if you know to go about this purchase decision.


That’s why we have compiled some of the important things you need to consider before buying a new sofa for your home or office. Be sure to factor in the below things the next time you visit a leading sofa Singapore store.


Even though factors such as style and color scheme are certainly more fun to consider when buying a new sofa, it is essential to keep the measurements of both your sofa and your living space in mind also. Always ensure you can accommodate the size of the sofa when moving it into your home.


Are there any turns or tight hallways that might pose a challenge and, if so, do you have the feeling ceiling clearance to put the sofa on its end while moving? Take it upon yourself to correctly measure the available space before shopping for a new sofa.


You can never downplay the essence of frame quality when buying a new sofa in Singapore. And that’s understandable considering a high-quality sofa frame is sure to make any furniture piece last a long time. A durable frame ensures a sofa’s longevity. While soft wood, like pine, is inexpensive, it may distort or sag after five years costing you way more.


Once you choose your ideal sofa, the next challenge is getting it home to you. Delivery processes and their associated costs vary from brand to brand. The vast majority offer free shipping, while others charge a flat fee or adjust costs based on your zip code. Ensure you check out the delivery processes involved before buying your sofa online. This information is often found on the FAQ page of your brand’s site.


Numerous factors come into play while shopping around for a new sofa in Singapore. Since sofas don’t come cheap, ensure you do a bit of research before splashing the cash. Moreover, you need to leverage a reputable sofa Singapore store such as FurnitureSG to buy the highest quality sofa without exceeding your set budget.

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