Tips for Buying a Film Camera


Does it seem strange to sit back and think that buying a camera is a new experience to many even most photographers? During the past years, almost everyone was buying used film cameras. Currently, many photographers have never shot a single roll of film.


Luckily for most of them, film photography still exists and there are both film and film cameras that you can buy with which to create photographs. So, what should you know before your buy your first film camera? Here, we have compiled a list of hacks that will help you make the right choice of film camera.


First, film cameras shoot film. That means the medium that the image is being recorded on is identical between cameras as long as you are using the same type of film. It’s possible to take the same photo with a brand-new professional Nikon as you would with a 60-year-old Nikon if they are loaded with the same film stock and lens.


However, you might want to ask what makes a camera better than another? The things that set 35 mm film cameras apart from each other are the lenses for the camera, the film you are using, and the level of automation the camera has.


If you come across a used film camera in a store or garage sale, evaluating its operational condition will be on you. There are a few simple tests you can carry yourself to help verify if the camera is healthy. Definitely, if the camera is battery powered and you do not have batteries in hand, you cannot test it. If the camera is mechanical, you are good to go!


Check to see if there is film in the camera. If you come across one, it’s up to you to tell the garage sale or thrift store staff that they have a roll of undeveloped film in the camera. You can also ask if they want you to rewind it and give it to them.


Once you get the film camera, regardless of how you acquired it, one of the crucial things to remember is testing the camera. Run a roll of 24 exposures through it taking photos of different subjects under different lighting conditions and exposures. Considering all the factors mentioned will help you find the best autofocus camera without the hassle.

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