Tips For Choosing A Standout Insurance Agent


No matter which part of the world you are, hiring people for your agency can be overwhelming especially if it’s your first time. Opening to expand an agency is a huge step but not hiring the right people could put a damper on everything. If you have worked with many agents, you know that they are not good at everything.

But if you think about all of the successful, wealthy insurance agents you know they are all good at one thing: finding, hiring, and keeping the best employees no matter what size of their staff may be. Being good at hiring a successful insurance agent doesn’t happen overnight. Knowing what it takes will take some time. Here are tips for choosing insurance agents.

DetermineYour Strengths And Weaknesses

Before you can go out and pick the right people, you need to have a thorough understanding of what you have to offer as a leader, a manager, and a mentor. The reason being, to everyone you hire, you should hold at least one of those roles. If you can’t present yourself honestly and confidently, you’ll never find the right people to have around you.

Read a leadership book from an author in your niche of insurance or attend a training seminar by a successful insurance agent. The best way to find the right people for your office is by being the right person for your employees.  It is then that they can help your clients compare insurance quotes hassle-free.

Start With The People You Have

If you already have a staff, it’s time to evaluate each member with whatever measurement tools you have in place already or by creating some new standards for achievements. Determining who your best agents are and who may need some training is all dependent on what your structure is. The best agents in your office may look different from agents in other offices or fields.

Once you know when your best agents are, study their work habits and check out the secrets to their success. If you have attracted the right people, they will attract more of the right people as well.