Total Environment In That Quiet Earth Specifications You Should Know About


The specifications included in a residential apartment will go a long way in determining whether it is worth checking out or not. Total Environment, the developers of Total Environment In That Quiet Earth residential apartments clearly understand this and that is why they have not disappointed home seekers. As a matter of fact, In That Quiet Earth of the very best specifications you will ever find in a residential apartment. Without further ado, let us take a look at some of these specifications.

  • Structure

First things first, the structure of Total Environment In That Quiet Earth Hennur Road residential apartment speaks a lot regarding the developer. After all, a poorly designed and built apartment will always be traced back to the builder. Fortunately, the builder combines excellent craftsmanship and design skills to deliver homes of the highest quality.

To give you a slight insight of what lies ahead, the structure boasts of high quality exposed brick masonry using specially procured high-strength terracotta wire-cut bricks. When it comes to the internal walls, the developer has used terracotta blocks together with table molded brick masonry or Aerocon blocks.

  • Plumbing and Sanitary

Another notable area where the developer has done a commendable job is plumbing and sanitary. This can be attributed to the fact that they have included a western style, porcelain EWC of Kohler or equivalent make in all bathrooms. If this is not enough, all the water supply lines and drainage lines of Total Environment In That Quiet Earth Bangalore residential units are in PVC pipes. We can never forget the sewage lines in stoneware and the rainwater harvesting drain pipes included thus making sure you have a continuous supply of water.

  • Security

Last but not least is the security of Total Environment In That Quiet Earth Hennur Road residential apartment. To guarantee maximum security the developer has included CCTV cameras at all vantage points. Things do not stop there since the stretcher compatible passenger elevators included in the apartment comes with automated doors and SS finish inside the cabins. With all these security measures put in place by Total Environment, you do not have to worry about coming back to an empty house. In fact, all your household items will be fully secure regardless of whether you are around or not.

The Bottom Line

These are just but some of the specifications you need to know regarding Total Environment In That Quiet Earth apartments. If your still doubt this, then it would be better to go through Total Environment In That Quiet Earth Reviews. Through this action, you are going to figure out what other people are saying about this luxurious apartment. The good news is that you are always going to come across numerous positive reviews since the developer has included everything you may be looking for in an apartment. Visit the official website of Homz N Space from where you can access unbiased reviews.