Types of Healthcare Services You Should Know about


The rising healthcare costs, heightened awareness of medical errors, and a higher-than-ever number of insured Singaporeans have drawn attention to the need for quality improvement in healthcare. In this modern day and age, many efforts around patient outcomes and safety, care coordination, efficiency, and cost-cutting are underway and care redesign initiatives are being evaluated to guide future healthcare quality improvements.

Luckily, organizations such as 1FSS are doing everything it takes to help change the healthcare sector for the better. After all, their key role is to enhance public healthcare sector’s performance by unlocking synergies and economies of scale in finance transaction processing. Here are top healthcare quality improvement tips worth factoring in.

There is no denying that if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Before you commence making improvements in healthcare, you will first have to know what opportunities exist for improvement and then establish baseline outcomes. It doesn’t end at that since you should also look at trends and statistics from electronic health records, outcomes studies, and other data source to uncover key areas in need of improvement.

There is no denying that an effective team should be comprised of members from different backgrounds, with varied skills and experience level. Forming a balanced team remains to be one of the primary steps in the improvement process. Just as is the case with 1FSS, the team needs to include a senior leader who can advise, offer oversight, and advocate for the team.

To achieve your goals in a timely and effective manner, you should take it upon yourself to create an achievable improvement plan. This includes specific measures, protocols for attaining those measurements, and specific definitions for improvement which will be taken from your goal setting for tracking your data and measurements.

There are other healthcare quality improvement tips worth mentioning than those included in this simple guide. If you want to help shape the healthcare sector for the better, then you should consider working at 1FSS.

Being a captive shared service team, 1FSS supports a suite of finance services for Singapore’s entire public healthcare system, including the public hospitals, polyclinics and community hospitals.

This ensures our public healthcare institutions can focus on their core mission of offering healthcare services. Get in touch with them to find out more.

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