Types of Relief Valves You Should Know About


Have you heard about relief valves at some point in your life? Fret no since we are here to help answer some of your burning questions. Pressure relief valves are devices that control and manage the pressure in a system. These devices are extremely essential for the safety of industrial processes.


Without them, rest in knowing catastrophic events will occur every day in every corner of the world.  But does your field require pressure relief valves? If yes, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Below are the different types of relief valves you should know about!


A balanced spring-loaded is designed exclusively for the purpose of decreasing the backpressure effects and protecting the bonnet spring. It also guides the bonnet spring from released fluids. Keep in mind the disk area of these valves is unloaded into the air and a separate disk is subjected to backpressure. These two desks are equal.


Conventional spring-loaded valves consist of the bonnet, guide, and spring in the released fluids. As the bonnet vents into the atmosphere, the relief-system back pressure lowers the set pressure. Things tend to be somewhat different when the bonnet vents inward to the outlet since the process is reversed and the relief-system backpressure makes the set pressure higher.


A safety valve is among the different types of pressure relief valves you can leverage. Its mechanism functions by inlet static pressure and is designed to open continuously with a pop action. A safety valve can be seen mostly in air and stream services. One notable point to remember is that safety valves are made in 2 forms.


First in line is the low-lift safety valve. In these types of valve, the disc is lifted automatically, and its position defines the actual discharge space. The second in line is the Full-list safety valve. Just like low-lift safety valves, the disk lifts automatically are full-lift safety valves as well. But you can’t recognize the actual discharge area by the disk’s position.


There are other types of relief valves not included in this simple guide. They include Pilot Operated, Safety Relief Valve, Power-Actuated pressure relief valve, and Vacuum relief valve, to mention a few. Take it upon yourself to understand how each type works and what best fits your need before making a purchase decision.

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