What You Can Do to Treat Parkinson’s Disease with Exercise and Diet



While coping withParkinson’s disease, it is vital that you do everything it takes to remain healthy and strong. Recent research has shown that following a certain lifestyle modifications goes a long way in helping you accomplish better control symptoms and slow progression of the conditions.


Diet modifications also have the potential to keep you healthier longer. Not forgetting the fact that it helps you avoid secondary symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, like constipation. So, can you fight Parkinson’s disease with exercise and diet? Here’s how;


Many individuals with Parkinson’s disease experience constipation due to a slowdown of the digestive system. At best, the constipation is an annoyance, but at worst, your large intestine risks becoming impacted. For this reason, you should take it upon yourself to combat constipation by following a diet rich in fiber.


This should be from sources such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains., legumes, and whole grain breads and cereals. Also, make it the norm to drink plenty of fluids and exercise since it can also help you avoid constipation while battling Parkinson’s disease.


If at all you are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, you medical practitioner will most likely use carbidopa-levodopa to treat it. This drug is absorbed in your small intestine, but it can be disrupted if you take your medication shortly after eating a high-protein meal since it entails a similar process.


To reap maximum benefits from this medication, always eat high-proteins foods at other times of the day. For those who take their medicine in the morning, consider having oatmeal rather than high-protein eggs for breakfast, and save your protein intake for some other time during the day.


Bear in mind exercising can make the greatest impact on the course of your Parkinson’s disease.  Movement with patients who have Parkinson’s disease, especially those that encourage balance and reciprocal patterns., can actually slow down progression of the disease.


So, get your heart working and work out your brain to enjoy these benefits. Parkinson’s disease. Also, consider partaking in formal exercises since it helps keep patients active and healthy, and research also has it that normal physical activity may just be as or more important that constant trips to the gym.


By employing the above and other tips, be rest assured you stand a better chance of keeping Parkinson’s disease at bay.




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