Why a Manual Link Penalty is going to Cause You Big Time


Not every link that you use in your website is going to serve you perfectly. Actually, some are going to land you into problems with search engines. Instead of the links driving traffic to your website, you will only get an unnatural links penalty. If you received unnatural links manual action, chances are you already know how frustrating it might get. For those who have not, here are some of the things that will make you avoid unnatural links from your site.

  • Poor Search Engine Results

It is the desire of every online business owner to have a higher rank on search engines. However, when your site contains unnatural links, you are set to lose the rank that you had on search engines. Therefore, it may take time before customers and prospects access the services you have to offer. This is not good for business considering you need customers in order to compete well in the industry. That is why you need an unnatural link removal service if you are to make your online business a success again without breaking a sweat.

  • Low Traffic

The main reason as to why online businesses use backlinks is to drive immense traffic. However, this is not the case when your site contains unnatural links, as they are not going to drive traffic, as you would want. Actually, they will only land you into trouble thus making it hard for your online business to offer services as expected. In most cases, unnatural links are only going to earn you a manual link penalty from search engines. You should thus get rid of the unnatural links as fast as possible if you are to get the most out of your website.

  • Low Conversion Rate

When prospects are not visiting your website, it might prove quite hard in turning them into customers. Besides, you need to convince prospects before they can finally make the decision to buy your products or services. However, unnatural links may make it hard for you since your site will not be attracting as many people as you would expect.  For this reason, you will have a low conversion rate, as there is no one to convince. When this is the case, you must get rid of the manual link penalty as quickly as you can thus restoring the lost glory of your website.

Unnatural links penalty have led to the downfall of many online businesses especially when they are not dealt with within the shortest time possible. You must therefore look for a reliable internet and website marketing that is known to offer the best unnatural link removal service. A good example of such a site is the famous Marketing1on1 as they have helped many website owners get rid of unnatural links without encountering any problems. To get the services of Marketing1on1, you can simply visit their website at any time of the day that you term appropriate. It is only then that you will avoid an unnatural links manual action.