Why You Might Be Blocked by Robots.Txt and Different Firewalls on Your Website


While handling your SEO campaign, you ought to optimize your website for a crawl budget. By this, we are only implying making sure that bots can crawl your website and its pages easily. This is especially the case with Googlebot. Although many people are familiar with this topic, you might have difficulty believing how many fail to understand the situation.

If you’ve at one point been blocked by firewalls, different bots, or even your firewall from accessing your site, then you are at the right place. This simple guide will share some perfect ways to crawl a website without being blocked by Robots.Txt and different firewalls.

First, examine your website and check whether it has multiple subdomains. If, in this way, it is in your prosperity to create a separate I robots.txt file for each subdomain. Ensure each subdomain includes its list of allowed and disallowed URLs; the last thing you want to make do with is a blocking URL while accessing your website or its pages.

You might have to learn about this; however, the code you use on your website could prevent the crawling of specific files. That’s the reason you ought to always take it upon yourself to review your file and check whether it contains the right code structure. Each entry in your robots.txt file should appear on a separate line in your text editor. It continues beyond that since each entry should be written in the same format.

You should be aware of the fact that file names are case-sensitive. Consequently, it would help if you made it the norm to save your robots.txt file in lowercase. Also, consider adding a comment tag to your Robots.txt file, as it can always work wonders.

There are numerous ways to crawl a website without getting blocked by Robots.Txt and different firewalls. Some of the most common issues that can be addressed with a robots.txt file include duplicate content on your website, keeping parts of a site private, and blocking a URL, to mention a couple. In this way, take it upon yourself to research to understand better what is destined to come your way.